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Early Warning Systems: Early Identification of the Deteriorating Patient

Early Warning Scoring (EWS) systems provide a commonly understood way to recognize the degree of deterioration in a patient’s status, and can ensure that every patient is seen at the right time by the right person. The EWS is based on the collection of a combination of vital signs including heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and body temperature. In this webinar, there will a discussion of the benefits, variations and strategies for overcoming barriers to successful implementation of EWS in hospitals.

“A long day’s journey into life.” Using Prediction Methodologies to Prevent Decompensation and Death

Early detection of clinical deterioration and timely escalation are critical for improving patient safety and preventing subsequent events in hospitals/acute care settings. Based on two patient case studies, this webinar will take you on the clinical journey of spiraling decompensation towards the final possible destination, death. Using evidence-based strategies to guide monitoring and intervention, this presentation will emphasize astute awareness and valuable notification using a focused algorithms.

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